OpenOffice Free

OpenOffice is the leading free office suite software. Why pay hundreds of dollars for Microsoft Office? Save your hard-earned money—OpenOffice is the free alternative!
  • Writer

    Produce professional documents and Web page. You can even open and edit Word files!

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  • Calc

    Create spreadsheets and charts and analyze data—easy as 1-2-3!

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  • Impress

    Produce top-notch presentations sure to wow your audience.

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  • Base

    Manage a broad array of data and build forms and reports that make sense.

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  • Draw

    Create 2D and 3D graphics and diagrams with this easy-to-use tool.

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  • Math

    Format complex math equations and integrate them into documents with ease.

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Why Open Office?

Everyone needs office software.

Produce professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations with OpenOffice—all without spending a dime! Start saving time and resources with OpenOffice now!

With OpenOffice, an all-purpose office suite, you can:

  • Write, edit and format documents
  • Create spreadsheets and graphs
  • Produce and present slide show presentations
  • Manage databases
  • Save files in formats like PDF or Flash
  • Convert existing files from other office software suites

Why waste time and money on another office package? OpenOffice is the alternative you've been searching for—and it's free!

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Features Overview

  • Microsoft Office Compatible

    OpenOffice is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and other office
    software. Convert files with ease
    and save time and resources in a seamless transition.

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  • OpenOffice is FREE

    OpenOffice is open source software, saving users hundreds of dollars. OpenOffice users have the freedom to download, modify and distribute the office software–all at no cost!

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  • Edit PDF Files

    OpenOffice not only creates PDF files, OpenOffice can edit them too! Modify PDF files without costly programs like Adobe Acrobat.

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  • Create Web pages

    OpenOffice builds HTML documents or saves existing documents in HTML. A template wizard also provides endless options!

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