Microsoft Office Compatible

A fully-compatible office software suite

Switching to OpenOffice is seamless and easy. The entire OpenOffice suite is designed to be fully compatible with Microsoft Office and other office software. Use OpenOffice immediately, with little to no learning curve!

OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite—it includes applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and graphics—with functions similar to Microsoft Office. Little to no training will be needed, as most users will be familiar with the features of OpenOffice.

Even the OpenOffice “Help” features are similar to Microsoft Office, allowing you to troubleshoot and learn new functions in the way you are accustomed. Search for topics and get related topic suggestions.

Convert files with ease

OpenOffice functions as one piece of software, and everything works consistently between applications. When downloading files, it is not necessary to know what application was used—OpenOffice will figure it out and convert it automatically.

OpenOffice converts all existing files automatically, saving time and resources. No need to retype or reformat after the switch! In some cases, OpenOffice has been able to read files other office software deemed corrupted, recovering files that seemed lost forever.

Even if your colleagues or friends use different software, you can still share files. OpenOffice uses the OpenDocument format, the new international standard format, and will convert files automatically. Make edits and comments to documents in OpenOffice, and others will still be able to read your files without a problem.