OpenOffice is FREE

Save hundreds of dollars with OpenOffice

OpenOffice is the world’s leading open source office software – making it completely free to download and use. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a suite of programs when OpenOffice can do everything and more—all at no cost!

OpenOffice is open-source software, giving users the freedom to download, modify, and distribute Open Office without any penalty. Open-source software makes program source codes available and eliminates copyrights and software licenses.

Developed by Sun Microsystems, OpenOffice became available as open-source software in 2000. As a result, OpenOffice is free to users and is constantly evolving through collaborative efforts worldwide. There are over 390 recorded extensions and updates, and more being developed every day!

OpenOffice users also enjoy enhanced technical support with the community of users who can respond effectively and quickly to problems, concerns or updated features. There are groups and message boards dedicated to enhancing the user experience of OpenOffice.

Share OpenOffice with your friends and colleagues

Distribution and sharing of OpenOffice is highly encouraged. Free of standard software license restrictions, OpenOffice can be installed multiple times without ever having to register or pay for individual licensing rights. Best of all, it frees users from the worries of legal penalty for unlicensed software and the need for software audits and updates due to trial offer expirations.

From the start, OpenOffice was designed to be the premier competition for common and often expensive office software. OpenOffice succeeds at delivering a free alternative!