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OpenOffice Projects – This is a list of active development projects.

Download the version 3.3 Source Code – Download the OpenOffice source code for Windows.

Download the version 3.2.1 Source Code – Download the OpenOffice source code for Windows.

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OpenOffice is Open-Source

OpenOffice is open-source software, giving users the freedom to download, modify, and distribute OpenOffice without any penalty. Open-source software makes program source codes available to the public through General Public Licensing (GPL). Click here for more information about the GPL.

Originally developed by Sun Microsystems, OpenOffice became an open-source project in 2000. OpenOffice is primarily sponsored by Oracle but is supported by a community of unaffiliated users.

Distribution and sharing of OpenOffice is highly encouraged. Free of standard software license restrictions, OpenOffice can be installed multiple times. There are no worries of legal penalty for unlicensed software and the need for software audits and updates due to trial offer expirations.

A product with constant improvements

Open-source software eliminates copyrights and is open to modification and distribution. OpenOffice evolves through the efforts of volunteers around the world whose goal is to make OpenOffice the premier alternative. As a result, over 390 extensions have been developed, offering improvements at a speed that its competitors cannot match.

OpenOffice users also enjoy enhanced technical support with the community of users who can respond effectively and quickly to problems, concerns or updated features.