Edit PDF Files

Create, modify and share PDF files with ease

OpenOffice can create and edit PDF files—a function usually not possible without costly programs like Adobe Acrobat.

PDF is a widely used format to exchange documents containing text and graphics between different applications and different platforms. OpenOffice is able to create PDF documents in every OpenOffice application.

Most office software applications have the ability to create PDF files as a standard feature. But the ability to edit these files has eluded other office applications. OpenOffice solves this problem without costing a fortune!

How does OpenOffice edit PDF files?

An OpenOffice extension—PDF Import Extension—allows you to import and modify PDF files. Using the Draw application, the PDF file is imported as a graphic. Text or other markings are placed over the original document, allowing the modifications to be seen. It is then saved and exported as a PDF file so that it can be shared across different application and platforms.

The ability to create and edit PDFs is important to many users. Whether the need is to add commentary to a document or to have a common form that is distributed and edited with each use, the feature is a growing need for all users.

OpenOffice not only creates PDF files in all applications, but also solves the costly problem of editing and sharing those PDFs with other users.