Create Web pages

OpenOffice Writer builds HTML documents

Open Office Writer is most commonly used for word processing of documents, but it can also build HTML documents. Create Web pages is a WYSIWYG format and make your documents ready for export to the Web.

Open Office Writer can save existing documents in HTML, create new documents in HTML or create several types of Web pages with a wizard—AutoPilot.

AutoPilot has numerous templates for different types of Web pages and can walk you through building a Web page. You can also build and save your own templates in AutoPilot.

Documents are readily accessible for publishing on the Web with the help of an HTML extension, or publish directly to wikis with a MediaWiki extension.

Cross-application uses

Other OpenOffice applications can also build HTML documents – Calc, Draw and Impress all have the ability to create Web pages.

OpenOffice Calc allows you to save your spreadsheets as HTML documents. Easily publish your spreadsheets on the Web or link them to pages created with Writer.

Save your graphics created in OpenOffice Draw or slideshow presentations in OpenOffice Impress as HTML documents for easy Web publishing. You can even display your notes from your slideshow presentation in the Web page.