OpenOffice Hits 100 Million Downloads

The OpenOffice Community is celebrating one hundred million recorded downloads for the latest version of OpenOffice.

On October 28, 2009, OpenOffice 3.0 received its one hundredth million consumer download, furthering its reputation as the world’s leading open-source office suite software.

Often touted as the free replacement for Microsoft Office, OpenOffice only continues to grow with its community of beta testers, developers and users.

The community’s annual conference could not have been scheduled for a better time, with the prescheduled event coinciding the 100 millionth download of OpenOffice. Celebrations will peak at the conference in Orvieto, Italy on November 4.

“We are delighted to have the global OpenOffice community coming to Italy at such a memorable time,” says Italo Vignoli, spokesman for the OpenOffice conference organizing team. “Users are asking for a personal productivity suite, and we are giving them exactly what they want—without trying to force them to use other products they don’t need.”

The one hundred million download statistic is more impressive because that number is recorded from downloads via the OpenOffice website. It excludes groups of users who generally download software from other distributors or networks.


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