OpenOffice–a Free Alternative

OpenOffice is the world’s leading free office suite. Six components comprise OpenOffice—combine them to operate as a full-power office suite, or use them individually in your home or business:

  • Writer: makes word processing simple
  • Impress: produces top-notch slideshow presentations
  • Calc: creates spreadsheets and graphs with ease
  • Base: makes database management a snap
  • Draw: gives you the tools to communicate with graphics and diagrams
  • Math: Allows you to easily format complex math equations

OpenOffice also boasts several unique features not present in competing software, such as editing PDF files or automatic formatting for graphs.

OpenOffice documents are completely compatible with existing office suites, storing data in OpenDocument format, the new international standard format. OpenOffice users can share files in a readable format, and can also read and write to files from other common office software.

OpenOffice is available in many languages and is compatible with a number of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS X.

From the start, OpenOffice set out to be a competitor with existing office suites, and it has delivered a free solution for all your office needs.

Why is OpenOffice Free?

OpenOffice is open-source, meaning users are free to download, modify, and distribute the software. Developed by Sun Microsystems, OpenOffice became an open-source project in 2000.

OpenOffice evolves through the efforts of volunteers around the world whose goal is to make OpenOffice the premier alternative. With over 390 extensions already developed, OpenOffice offers improvements at a speed that its competitors cannot match.

OpenOffice is free from software licensing, which is not only cost-saving but provides unlimited access to the software and freedom from software maintenance and legal restrictions.