OpenOffice Works For All Your Needs

It’s not just a Microsoft Office world anymore—OpenOffice is a clear alternative, giving the competition a run for its money. Produce professional documents and reports compatible in a wide range of formats, including Microsoft Office, without having to sacrifice resources or quality.

What can OpenOffice do?

As individual applications or working together as one suite, OpenOffice is a powerful tool useful in a wide array of settings.

  • Write, edit and format documents with Writer. Users are able to export PDF files or create and edit web pages in WYSIWYG format.
  • Create spreadsheets with Calc—calculate, analyze and present data with features such as Natural Language Formulas and Scenario Managers not found in other spreadsheet applications.
  • Produce engaging multimedia presentations with Impress. A wide range of tools, such as 2D and 3D clip art and animation gives an advantage to the presenter and captivates an audience.
  • Manage a broad array of data through Base. Present complex data through reports and other applications, such as a mail merge or data ranges for spreadsheet analysis.
  • Create and edit graphics from simple diagrams to 3D illustrations with Draw.
  • Create and edit mathematical formulas often too complex for other applications to format with Math.

Added Benefits of OpenOffice

  • OpenOffice is expandable! Features such as application Wizards and template packages can be added. There are currently over 390 extensions on record and more being created every day.
  • Converting files is a snap! OpenOffice is able to read already existing files and allows for easy sharing with other users, even if they are not using OpenOffice. You can even save and edit in PDF!
  • The transition to OpenOffice easy! Users apply their previously learned skills from other office programs, meaning no time lost due to retraining.
  • OpenOffice supports in over 100 languages! And expanding every day.

Open-source Means it’s FREE!

OpenOffice is open-source software, giving users the freedom to download, modify, and distribute Open Office without any penalty. Open-source software makes program source codes available and eliminates copyrights and software licenses.

As a result, OpenOffice is free to users and is constantly evolving through collaborative efforts worldwide. OpenOffice users also enjoy enhanced technical support with the community of users who can respond effectively and quickly to problems, concerns or updated features.

Distribution and sharing of OpenOffice is highly encouraged. Free of standard software license restrictions, OpenOffice can be installed multiple times without ever having to register or pay for individual licensing rights. Best of all, it frees users from the worries of legal penalty for unlicensed software and the need for software audits and updates due to trial offer expirations.